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The Leaders in Plumbing Innovation

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Reflex uses cutting edge technology to deliver high quality products, improved plumbing experiences and affordability.

The Reflex Product Range

About the Reflex Brand

Reflex is the major brand owned and marketed by Saveur Pacific Pty Ltd (SavPac) which includes a number of PEX Plumbing Systems and a range of Water Heater Valves.

With application and choice at the forefront of everything SavPac do, the Reflex PEX range provides an option of Crimp and Compression Fittings suitable for both water and or gas application i.e. dual-purpose fittings.

Most importantly, Reflex Crimp Fittings are installed without the need to prepare the bore of the pipe prior to installation and do not utilize o-rings to overcome any tolerance issues between the barb of the fitting and the bore of the pipe.

Reflex Slide-ring Compression Fittings require the bore of the pipe to be expanded to allow the barb to be fitted into the pipe prior to completing the jointing process.

All Reflex PEX Plumbing Systems come with a 25 Year Warranty.

All products offered by SavPac, including Reflex branded products, are certified by SAI Global and are covered by a $20,000.000 Certificate of Currency.

Are you a wholesaler, contractor, builder or home owner?

All of our PEX systems come with a 25 year guarantee and are certified by SAI Global.

We have warehouse facilities and sales teams located on the East Coast and would only be too pleased to visit you and show you why “the best” does not have to translate into “the most expensive”.

Most importantly, we have a team with extensive industry experience that can offer you insights into the many intricacies hidden to most.

60 minutes with our team will provide you with a level of understanding that will impress even the most experienced Contractors.

Knowledge, quality and expertise in our field are something our customers have come to appreciate.

Performance is Everything!

Our innovative Reflex Crimp System offers a suite of features that Contractors have long been demanding, resulting in a PEX plumbing system that is versatile and user-friendly, and approved for both WATER AND GAS installations.

Not only does the Reflex Crimp System provide the contractor with the best crimp plumbing system available, it also offers users considerable time savings because there isn’t any pipe preparation required and nor are there troublesome o-rings to consider. Just cut the pipe square, insert the barbed-leg all the way into the bore of the pipe and crimp. Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

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