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Reflex Lead Free Expandable

The Next Generation in Water Quality

Innovative Lead-Free Plumbing Systems

We specialise in PEX Plumbing Systems

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Lead Free Expandable has developed an easy to use, cost-effective plumbing solution with 100% lead-free components (like stainless steel and plastics), to ensure drinking water remains clean and free of any unwanted toxins leaching into the water. 

PEX plumbing systems have transformed the plumbing industry with options that outperform and outlast traditional metallic systems. The days of oxy-acetylene bottles and carrying heavy metallic pipe are well and truly over.

The dual-purpose features of the Reflex systems will take you to the next generation of PEX systems without issue and allow you to remain at ease with a brand you can trust.

Our stainless steel products allow us to deliver pure drinking water into any home, business or public space. Our system mitigates any leaching of metals from plumbing products, delivering you safer, healthier, lead-free water.

If a quality product combined with a fair price is something your business demands of its suppliers, look no further because Reflex is the solution.

Xpanda range

The Lead Free Expandable Product Range

About Lead Free Expandable

Lead Free Expandable is a major brand marketed by Saveur Pacific Pty Ltd (SavPac) which includes a number of PEX Plumbing Systems and a range of Water Heater Valves.

This is a lead-free PEX System added to the Reflex family of PEX plumbing systems.

The lead-free components ensure your drinking water remains clean, fresh and free of any unwanted toxins leaching into drinking water; a very important issue for our well being and health.

Making a leak-free joint couldn’t be easier. Simply place the sleeve over the end of the PEX pipe and expand both the ring and pipe simultaneously. Upon completing the expansion process, place the fitting into the bore of the pipe, align the fitting and wait for the contraction of the PEX pipe to take place. Easy and fast are two adjectives that spring to mind; brilliant is another!

All Reflex PEX Plumbing Systems come with a 25 Year Warranty.

All products offered by SavPac, including Reflex branded products, are certified by SAI Global and are covered by a $20,000.000 Certificate of Currency.

Why Lead Free?

In this ever-changing, health-conscious world in which we live, Reflex provides an option to satisfy your right to clean, lead-free potable water.

Australia has been experiencing some of its worst drought conditions on record. The drought, coupled with an international push to deliver cleaner, safer, potable water, means there is a need to ensure the water being delivered to the Australian people is as clean and safe as possible.


Lead and other harmful metals have been leaching into water systems globally and has been highly publicised for years. Recently, both Canada and the US were found to have lead leeching into potable water systems from outdated pipes and plumbing fixtures, risking the health of hundreds of thousands of people, including young children and students.


While lead is rarely used in potable water pipes in Australia, it is still widely used in plumbing products such as brass fittings, which is a recognised source of leaching lead into drinking water; particularly where water has been sitting in contact with brass plumbing products.


World Health Organisation guidelines state that no level of lead exposure is safe; however, Australian Standards permit up to 4.5 per cent lead content in brass fittings, compared with 0.25 per cent in the Canada and US.

Technical & Installation Guide Downloads  |  Video

The ins and outs of our products ...

The below downloadable documents provide the contractor with all of the relevant details required to complete a trouble-free installation. Further, Technical Data and warranty details are also included with these publications.


Additional publications and amendments to existing documents will be added from time-to-time, so please return to ensure you have all of the latest information.

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