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Reflex is the major brand marketed by Saveur Pacific Pty Ltd (SavPac) which includes a number of PEX Plumbing Systems and a range of Water Heater Valves.

About Reflex

With warehouse facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne, SavPac have enjoyed a strong following within the building and plumbing sectors for its Reflex PEX Plumbing Systems and Water Heater Valve ranges.

We take great pride with the level of knowledge and experience the SavPac team has its disposal; it's also something our customers have come to value very highly.

Unlike many PEX systems available today, SavPac do not simply buy an "off-the-shelf" system and/or product from a manufacturer and expect great results. Our experienced team take the time to consult with Contractors and add design features that deliver ease-of-use benefits for the installer. Further, SavPac also ensure current market conditions and needs are understood and engineer solutions to meet these requirements.

To the untrained, Reflex products may appear similar to other products; but to the experienced, particularly after use, the difference is very obvious.

Designed for the trade with input from the trade, the Reflex brand will always remain at the pinnacle of design and at the forefront of change.

We specialise in ...

  • PEX Plumbing Systems

  • Gas Composite Pipe Systems

  • RV PEX Systems

  • Water Heater Valves


PEX plumbing systems have transformed the plumbing industry with options that outperform and outlast traditional metallic systems. The days of oxy-acetylene bottles and carrying heavy metallic pipe are well and truly over.

The dual-purpose features of the Reflex systems will take you to the next generation of PEX systems without issue and allow you to remain at ease with a brand you can trust.

The RV PEX range is an industry-leading option that provides the sector with a 12mm option that is compliant with the recently upgraded installation standards.

Reflex Water Heater Valves are made from only the best components, thereby providing trouble-free service for many years.

If a quality product combined with a fair price is something your business demands of its suppliers, look no further because Reflex is the solution.

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